How to use

Once you have joined the network you will be able to access both the public and member-only features.

Public Features

  1. NEWS & PUBLICATION FEED: Here you can see all the publications, interviews, blogs and related media that network member’s have produced in relation to the network’s theme. We have tried where possible to provide little summaries or overviews to make them easier to digest.
  2. PEOPLE: Here you can see a short-hand and longhand profile of people who belong to this network.
  3. PUBLIC LIBRARY: Here you can access all the network member’s articles in PDF format, as well as publications, films and other media we find pertinent to the networks theme.
  4. EXPERTISE: Here you will be able to find services offered by the network and its members in relation to the network theme such as public speaking and engagement, project consultancy, think-tank, requested research and so forth.

Member Features

  1. MEMBER’S FORUM: This is currently a facebook group where network members can chat in private and bring items to the networks attention, as well as coordinate with each other around shared documents found in the Library.
  2. MEMBER’S LIBRARY: Here you can add your publications to the public library, and additional ones you suggest are good reading for the networks theme. Furthermore you can share drafted work, collaborate with other network members, or request feedback on work in progress through using the Google Docs collaborative features.

Additional Features (located in side-bar and footer)

  1. EVENTS WIDGET: Here you can see what the networks next concrete collaborative target is.
  2. LOCATION WIDGET: Here you can see where network members research and affiliated institutions are located.
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA: Here you can use social media to keep up-to-date with the networks news, and as member share your work with a wider audience.