the best ethnography reveals a new class to its readership; it is contemporary; and it is secular in that it breaks with the sacred myths upholding unequal society’*

An accessible and critical unpacking of contemporary hunting activities across Europe. History, ethnography, archaeology, sociology, economics, statistics, art, literature, and politics; a multi-disciplinary insight into a contentious activity, the people who do it, the people who organise it, the people who police it, the infrastructure, the practice, the stories, the narratives, the demographics; a demystification of a complex subject and the people involved.

This is the aim of an edited volume currently in progress. If you are interested please submit a short proposal outlining what your submission would look like, and how it might contribute to the above aim. You may wish to submit a piece of work you have already completed or published, however please explain how you will adapt it toward this projects aim.

Minimum: 300 words

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