A research network on contemporary hunting. Whilst anthropologically driven, this is an interdisciplinary network deploying multiple theoretical approaches and methods to meet the needs of its questions, rather than vice versa. The overall ambition is the bringing together of research at multiple scales and from different dimensions, whether this be research on hunting or conservation discourses, bureaucracy, human-animal relations, the act of hunting, game-bird ecology, sexuality, commercialisation of hunting affects and so forth. In doing so we hope to generate a grounded understanding of an activity that sits at the junction between: the environment ‘out there’ and human society ‘over here’, governance and practice, human and non-human, activity and utility, life and death, hunting and conservation, domestication and freedom. Finally we see hunting as a lens through which to explore some of the fundamental questions about ‘what it means to be human’.

The online space seeks to provide a nexus around which researchers in this field can share work and collaborate, find each other and set goals to improve our work and voice in the public sphere. It is also a repository of information on the Anthropology of Hunting and Conservation in Europe and the Mediterranean to inform people interested in the topic. Finally it hopes to move toward applying the research here with more impact back into the world, as well as providing resources and support for this and further research.