Profile: Abraham Heinemann

abraham-heinemannExpertise: Hunting, Shooting, Subsistence Fishing, Northern Cyprus, Bureaucracy, Masculinity, Eastern Mediterranean Historical-Ecology, Complexity, Social Reproduction, Turtle Conservation.

Training: Social Anthropology BA, Environmental Anthropology MA,      PhD Candidate, School Science Teacher

Contact: abrahamheinemann[at]gmail[dot]com

What is hunting? / Why do people hunt? / Why is hunting occurring in Northern Cyprus in 2015? / What has hunting meant in the history of Cyprus? / How has hunting changed during this time? / What does hunting look like in the 21st century? / What does hunting in Northern Cyprus involve? / How is hunting organised in Northern Cyprus? / What does it mean to understand hunting as a Sport? / How has hunting emerged in the Eastern-Mediterranean in relation to the emergence of Religions, Empires, and Sciences? How does it compare to hunting in other locations around the world? / What is the local-global dynamic in hunting? These are all questions I am currently addressing in my research, for more information please click here.

Previous to this I have dabbled at Universities in Art (London Central Saint Martins), Genetics (UCL), Science-Teaching (Canterbury Christchurch), Environmental Anthropology (University of Kent). I can be an activist also, having helping leading DisarmUCL to victory, spearheaded the successful SaveChaucerFields Campaign and counter-hosted Goldsmiths and CSM Art Shows.

My own favourite skills though are being able to find any turtle nest in record time, having a thick Turkish Cypriot accent when I speak Turkish, asking annoying but relevant questions to a speaker in almost any subject, and general tech bod.